Имиджевая картинка


Nataliya Kamenetskaya

artist's work
Nataliya Kamenetskaya is the artist, curator, artcritic, one of the organizers of the first feminist exhibition sand conferences in Russia. She lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Nataliya's academic and curatorial interests focus on a shifting paradigms of modern reality, on women’s creative discourse, and genderis sues in visual arts. It is a process of a long term research, creating and collecting, and finally summarizing 
different verbal and visual contemporary art-texts constructed around/with in the most popular but not obvious, contradictory appearances.   
Her artistic focus lies in the field of mixed senses and splitted ideas and techniques (videoinstallations, painting, animation; phylosophical, fantastic and socialsubjects).   Sometimes her artistic ideas transform in to curatorial projects.
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